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Pairing: John/Radek
Rating: Pg-13 for adult themes (crossdressing)
Word count: 600
Written for comment_fic  with the prompt 'stargate atlantis, John/any male, little black dress' by theeverdream

He’d traded a whole season of Bones to Cadman for the dress and a couple of dirty magazines to the marine who broke up with his girlfriend for the red lace bra and panties he’d been planning to give her for her birthday. Teyla refused payment on the simple black sandals, handing them over as a gift. He hadn’t yet been able to find a woman with feet big enough to trade for shoes but when he’d asked Teyla about what the Athosians had she’d assured them they could easily make something plain but elegant. He found a copy of the new Twilight movie for a marine (he never judged when he was negotiating) in exchange for a few of the disposable razors he had in bulk, because he imagined using your normal razor on your legs would wear it out something awful. Then it was a relatively simple matter of a new romance novel for Dr. Brown in exchange for eyeliner and mascara, and a bottle of black nail polish to the night technician for some pink lipstick.


It was one of the perks of being him. Everyone went through him when they wanted something so nothing he bartered for ever drew attention and nobody ever knew what he kept and what went on to others.


The next day he e-mailed John asking him to come to his quarters at four. He snuck out of work early, a benefit of not being Rodney but still having some sway over the department, and set everything neatly out on the counter in his bathroom. He was sitting patiently on his bed when John arrived.


“What’s up?”


“I have present for you.”


John blinked, startled, and then smiled, “really?”


He nodded towards the bathroom. John raised a confused eyebrow but walked over to look inside. When he came back out he opened his mouth, eyes flicking around the room, then closed it. He swallowed and looked back up, “Radek?”


Radek got up and stood in front of John, reaching out to place one hand on his hip and dipping his fingers under the waistband of John’s pants. He could feel the elastic of some boxers but he knew, on days when John planned on taking it easy, without missions or much sparring, that he had an old pair of lace panties he liked to wear. Radek ducked his head shyly, looking up at John from under his eyelashes, “you couldn’t bring anything with you, have nothing new. I thought you might like-“


John’s apprehension transformed to a look of glee, “I love it. I just didn’t know you’d be so-“


Radek nodded, knowing your boyfriend used to dress up and actively facilitating it were two very different things, “-accomodating?” He finished.


John leaned down for a brief kiss then bit his lip and looked back into the bathroom.


Radek smiled, “You are done with work today, yes?”


John nodded.


“Do you want me to stay?”


He could see John warring with himself; he didn’t want to tell Radek to leave but didn’t really want him to see him mid-change. That was alright. This was for John and it was a personal thing.


“Actually, I think I have an experiment to check on. I will bring dinner later?”


John smiled again, checking his watch, “three hours ok?”


Radek leaned up for another kiss then walked to the door. He turned around just long enough to imprint the image of John practically bouncing in excitement, waiting for him to leave, in his mind. It would hold him until tonight.


Tags: john/radek, rating: pg-13, sga
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