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Fic: A Night Off

Title: A Night Off
This is the Fourth in a loose series, along with Gift (rated PG-13), All Dolled Up (rated NC-17), and A Day Off (Rated PG)
Pairing: John/Radek, minor Teyla/Kanaan
Rating: PG-13
Warning: This, like the series in general, includes themes of crossdressing. Though in this case it’s hardly noticeable at all.
A/N: This is dedicated to momma_66! Sorry this took so long, love, I was trying to get some porn in there for you but the boys, and my muse, just weren't cooperating.

John startled at the gentle shake to his shoulder. His head fell from its perch on his hands and he kicked one leg out instinctively to catch himself from falling.

Radek had jumped away, holding up his hands as if he could rush back in to catch John if needed, but Rodney was doubled over on the other side of the room, laughing hysterically.

“I wasn’t sleeping.” John blurted. Radek nodded indulgently and offered a hand as John jumped off the counter, blinking to regain his equilibrium.

John rubbed both hands over his face and said sheepishly to Radek, “Sorry.”

Radek shook his head, “There is no need to apologize. Today is rest day, you rest.” He shrugged. Rodney sniffled and rubbed unshed tears of laughter from his eyes.

John stretched, not missing the quick glance Radek gave to the exposed shiver of his stomach.

“What time is it?” He looked at his watch and made an unhappy sound in the back of his throat.

Radek reached up to rub comfortingly at the side of John’s neck, “No problem. Do not worry.” He smirked, “You aren’t that high maintenance. Plenty of time left.”

Rodney had snorted in the background but John didn’t fool himself thinking Rodney had any idea what Radek was talking about and Rodney was doing his usual active ignorance routine. He hadn’t even glanced up from where he was packing up a couple laptops.

They all converged on the door on the way out and Rodney bounced once on his toes, looking between them, “Are you going to run off or would you like to join me for dinner?”

John rubbed a hand over his stomach and had to concede that it was past time to eat. With a shrug at Radek they agreed and John said, “We’ll grab something but I think we’ll probably take it to go.”

Rodney nodded, “We should probably drop this equipment back in the main labs, first.”

Radek nodded as well and John followed them a few doors down so they could drop off the equipment.

During the walk to the mess John found himself in the middle of Rodney and Radek as they all discussed the progress made that day and how to get it working. Upon entering the mess it became apparent he and Radek weren’t going to be able to make a quick getaway. John was instantly hailed by Lorne and veered away from Rodney and Radek as they took a place in line.

“Major?” John stopped in front of Lorne.

“Sorry, sir. Just wanted to inform you, Lt. Johnson twisted her ankle playing racquetball and won’t be able to give the civilian firearms course tomorrow. I would take it, but-“

John waved away the last of Lorne’s words, “That’s alright. I’ll do it. Oh nine hundred, right?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

“No problem.” John slapped Lorne’s shoulder and hustled into line, Rodney and Radek were halfway through already.

When he’d gotten his food Rodney and Radek were seated at the team’s usual table, still engaged in conversation, so he sat down opposite Ronon, choosing not to interrupt the argument on antimatter going on next to him.

“Good day?”

Ronon smiled around his meatloaf but swallowed before speaking, “Went to the mainland. Put up a house.”

John smiled, there was always a crowd to go visit the Athosians on Sunday, Teyla had probably spent a few hours there this afternoon, and Ronon seemed to enjoy helping them with mundane things, “Sounds fun.”

Ronon nodded and shoved a roll into his mouth.

John felt a quick touch to his forearm and turned to look at Radek, “Would you like to leave?”

John was all set to get up when Teyla entered the Mess and waved to them, they couldn’t leave now, it would be rude, so he shook his head and started in on his meal. He noticed Radek hadn’t eaten anything yet, waiting so that they could take their meal back to his quarters. The knowledge made him smile. He and Radek watched, amused, as Rodney and Ronon compared notes on the quality of the meal this evening. Rodney thought the cooks were getting closer to an adequate substitute for mustard, they’d conquered Ketchup nearly a year back, but that the texture left something to be desired. Ronon didn’t care for mustard to begin with. He didn’t like Ketchup either.

It took Teyla a while to work her way through the line, Kanaan was holding Torren behind her while instructing Teyla on which dishes he wanted, and they had to wait while the cook rushed back into the kitchen to puree the veggies for Torren. John wrinkled his nose at the thought.

When they reached the table Teyla set two trays down and calmly interrupted what had turned into a heated debate on the merits of various condiments, “Rodney, I wondered if you would watch Torren in two days, for a few hours in the evening?”

Rodney looked at her, startled, “B-But Sheppard usually does that.”

Teyla tilted her head in acknowledgement, ignoring the gurgle from next to her where Kanaan was feeding Torren the veggie puree, “True, but I have just learned of something,” her eyes twinkled as she turned to John, “known as a ‘double date’, and was hoping to have arrangements made for Torren’s care before I asked John if he would be interested.”

Her eyes included Radek in the invitation, though she knew better than to say the words, and John raised his eyebrows at Radek in question. Radek smiled at Teyla, “I’m sure he’d be delighted.”

“Excellent. Rodney?”

He was looking in horrified fascination at the mess Torren was making all over on Kanaan’s lap and, noticing this, Kanaan spoke, “Do not worry, he will be fed before you arrive.”

“Oh, well, I suppose, I mean how bad can a baby be?”

They all chuckled at Rodney’s look but Ronon placed a hand on Rodney’s shoulder and said, “I can hang out, too.”

“Oh, yes, please.” Rodney looked back at Teyla, “Can he come over?”

Teyla smiled and nodded, “Of course.”

It seemed the subject of who would care for Torren was settled, though John caught Rodney whispering urgently to Ronon, “You’re on diaper duty.” But Teyla wasn’t quite finished with them yet, she was curious what one did on a double date and they spent the next half an hour trading ideas.

Simpson approached their table once the conversation had turned to news from the Athosians, relayed through Ronon and Teyla mostly. She said hello to the table at large then spoke to Radek, though she was polite enough to act as though she were addressing everyone, “A bunch of us were going to go out to the west pier for some swimming and, you know, to watch the sun set. Do you want to come?”

Radek smiled politely but shook his head and made eye contact with Rodney, “Sorry, but Rodney and I have been working on a project today and I wish to get back to it.”

Rodney raised his eyebrows but spoke when John kicked him lightly under the table, “Right, we just made progress on that component to-“

Radek cut him off, “She does not need to hear the details, Rodney.” Then he turned back to where Simpson was waiting, “but thank you for the offer.”

She nodded, “Perhaps some other time?”

Radek was too polite for his own good sometimes, “of course.”

When she’d cleared half the room John leaned over and whispered, “When will she get over this?”

Radek shrugged, “Do not judge her too harshly.”

John slouched deeper in his chair, “But it’s getting ridiculous.”

Radek gave him a sly look, “just because she has the same good taste as you?”

“Because she doesn’t get that you’re not interested.”

Radek looked amused, “If I were free perhaps I would be; she is as stubborn as you.”

John looked at him scanalized but Radek re-entered the conversation the others were having before he could say anything else. He smiled when he felt Radek’s hand rest on his thigh and give it a reassuring squeeze.

The sun had set and darkness was seeping through the Mess windows by the time the team said their farewells. John was getting antsy; their day hadn’t gone at all the way it was planned. He walked at a companionable pace with Radek after they said their goodbyes and when the door to Radek’s quarters closed he tugged Radek down on top of him on the bed and shut his eyes. Radek shuffled to get more comfortable against his shoulder then spoke, “Sorry.”

John opened his eyes to look down at Radek’s head, “Why?”

“It is getting late and I know you wanted…” He trailed off, rubbing a hand over John’s belly.

John shrugged, “Yeah, I wanted to, but it was a good day anyway. We’ll always have next Sunday.”

“We have time if you want? You can change and we’ll watch a movie.”

John would love to but, “I’m getting tired, and I’ve got to take that class for Johnson so I can’t even blow off Ronon and sleep in.”

Radek nodded against his chest, John could feel the rush of air as he yawned and it prompted him to move. He slid Radek off to the side and sat up, sliding down the bed to pull at Radek’s laces. Radek let him undress him, shifting further up the bed so he could rest his head on the pillow. He watched through hooded eyes as John stood and pulled of his own shirt, “You are staying?”

John nodded, shucking off his pants and disappearing into the bathroom wearing only his boxers. Radek could hear him brushing his teeth. John had to follow a routine, he hardly ever just conked out the way Radek and most of the scientists could.

They hadn’t gotten their big day, dressed up and hanging out in Radek’s quarters. Radek felt sorry for that, he knew John had been looking forward to it but he’d make sure to make it up to him sometime. He wondered if John would be up for sex, he had gotten a nap, after all, but Radek hadn’t and was rapidly feeling the effects. There would be other days for that, too.

Radek’s eyes were closed and he couldn’t be bothered to open them when he felt the bed dip behind him and John arrange the covers over them both. He moved easily when John wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him against his chest and the last thing he remembered before falling into sleep was John’s nose against the back of his neck and a kiss to the knob at the top of his spine.


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Mar. 29th, 2011 12:22 am (UTC)
Poor guys for not getting their day, but you'll make it up to them I'm sure :) Loved this piece.
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